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The Types Of WordPress Bugs And Issues
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Theme And Plugin Issues

These types of issues often occur when you either update your WordPress plugin or theme to a newer version, or if after you install a plugin that is incompatible with other plugins on your site.

JavaScript and CSS Errors

CSS and JavaScript errors will often manifest themselves on the front end. The page will load properly, but it will either not look or function the right way.

PHP and Database Errors

PHP and Database errors usually cause the website or a specific page not to load at all, or certain parts of the page will not load.

How Does My WordPress Bug Fixing Process Work?

It’s important to first diagnose what the issue is and then decide how it can be fixed.
My WordPress bug fixing process usually works in the following way:

  • Step 1. I’ll ask for admin access to your site (or a staging site) and I will diagnose and look for what’s causing the issue to occur. If the issue is complex and the root cause can’t be discovered in a short time period (up to 1 hour), then we may need to do a paid audit task first.

  • Step 2. Once I know the issue, I’ll give you a fixed price and timeline to fix it.

  • Step 3. If we decide to work together, I’ll fix the issue for you.

  • Step 4. (Optional) In some cases, we may need to first work on a staging (testing) server to fix the issue and test it there. If that’s the case, after we test the fix on the staging website, I will migrate my work to the production website.

How Does My WordPress Bug Fixing Service
Compare To Other

Fixed Pricing

I work on a fixed pricing model, which means that you will know the price for the project upfront

Reliability & Guarantee

I usually give a 28-day bug-free guarantee on my work (unless it was modified by a 3-rd party). If you ever encounter any problem with my work during that period, I'll fix it for you for free.

No Middleman

If we decide to work together, you'll be working directly with me and won't have to deal with a middleman like a project manager. This will help us streamline the conversation process and avoid potential misunderstandings.

Want To Hire Me To Fix Your WordPress Issues?

What My Clients Say About Working With Me

"My first experience with Andriy and I a very pleased with the work product provider. He most likely will be our go to WordPress expert for tough WP problems."
Carlos Galarce
"Andriy was very helpful and thorough in asking many questions upfront to make sure he had a clear understanding of the scope of work. Despite being in opposite time zones, we managed to work together well and finish it quickly. He was quick to respond and timely in his delivery."
Kyle D Wagner
"What an amazing experience!! He made sure to communicate with me before I placed my order! He also explained how the widget would be implemented and the best way to get it to work with my site! I definitely recommend his service to anyone looking for custom work!."
Kyle Haye
"Andriy has done a fantastic job on a particularly painful job which involved a lot of work. He's really honest, goes the extra mile to propose helpful solutions, extremely responsive and always came to the rescue when I managed to ruin something. He has delivered a great product and I really enjoyed working with him. Cannot recommend him enough!"
Gina Farran

Want To Start A Project?
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Got A Question?

The most honest answer is that it depends on the complexity of the issue. However, most small issues can be resolved within 1-3 days.

Yes, I can. I’ve done a few projects like that successfully in the past and can help you remove malware and secure your website.

Yes, of course. Send me a message and let’s discuss it.

In most cases, I require a 100% upfront investment.

What I like to do with bigger projects is to split them into multiple stages.

Then you don’t have to pay 100% upfront for the whole project, but only 100% upfront for the current stage that we’re working on.

There are only 2 cases when I can offer you a refund:

  • If I can’t deliver the project because of my fault.
    The possibility of this option is close to 0% as I’m very careful with projects I take and I only accept projects that I’m confident I can deliver.
  • If you changed your mind before we have started working on a project but have already made a pre-payment.

In other circumstances I can’t offer a refund.


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