Looking To Hire A WordPress Consultant That Can Help You With Your WordPress Problems?

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Are You Looking For a
WordPress Website Consultant to Help You:

Why Should You Hire a WordPress Consultant?

That’s a good question.

The quick answer to it is this:

WordPress consulting services are generally not cheap.

But it’s even more expensive to have your website not work correctly and lose visitors, customers & sales.

A lot of people try to do everything themselves.

And that’s fine, but most of them fail to build a website exactly like they’ve planned.

And it usually takes them a lot longer than what they thought after watching another YouTube tutorial on “How to build your WordPress website for FREE in 10 minutes”.

I personally don’t believe that there is such a thing as FREE.

You either pay with time and lost opportunities or money.

So working with a WordPress Consultant can save you a lot of time, headaches & allow you to focus on your business.

Andriy Haydash - Freelance WordPress Developer

Hi, my name is Andriy Haydash and I'm a WordPress And WooCommerce Consultant.

My main specialties are marketing websites, subscription and membership/e-learning sites.

Let me tell you why I'm different than your typical WordPress Website Consultant.

I'm NOT Your Typical Do It All
WordPress Consultant

So how am I different from other best WordPress consultants & WooCommerce experts?

I Teach.

I have a Facebook Group and a YouTube Channel where I share my expertise about WordPress & Web Development.

I Consult.

Unlike most WordPress professionals, I don't just write code. I first try to understand your business objectives & them help you solve them in the most cost-effective way.

I Develop.

Unfortunately, many WordPress "Developers" can't program & build custom solutions when needed.
This is not the case with me.
I've been building custom software & small apps since 2014.

Are My WordPress Consulting Services For You?

I don't work with everyone.
I only work with people that I'm 100% sure I can help.



Here Is What My Clients Say About Working With Me

"Andriy has done a fantastic job on a particularly painful job which involved a lot of work. He's really honest, goes the extra mile to propose helpful solutions, extremely responsive and always came to the rescue when I managed to ruin something. He has delivered a great product and I really enjoyed working with him. Cannot recommend him enough!"
Gina Farran
"Andriy was a fantastic developer. He was very responsive and accommodating to our every request. He was able to give his opinion on critical functionality and was always able to execute and adjust within a quick time frame. Really enjoyed my experience and will definitely use this service again for my future projects."
Jason Howanec
"Andriy was an absolute pleasure to work with. Any problem that arose, he had a solution for and was very good at communicating them to me in a non-techy way. Very solid 5 stars."
Aaron Prothero
"Andriy is lovely to work with. He is able to understand the requirements and if needs to clarify, does so timeously. I would recommend working with him."
Shana Derman
"Andriy was a fantastic developer to work with. His communication with the client made working with him a great experience. Highly recommend Andriy. Thanks for all your work on the website!"
Ben Robison
My clients have rated me 5/5 average from 62 projects on Codeable.io

Want To Hire Me as Your WordPress Consultant?

Have A Question?
I May Have An Answer For You

I don’t have one. I give a fixed price for a fixed scope of work.

This way you will know your cost upfront.

If you want me to do something extra for you – we can always discuss it and do it for an additional price.

I estimate projects based on my experience.


If after the initial call you don’t think it’s a good fit – that’s perfectly fine.

The last thing that I want to do is waste your and my time.

In most cases, I require a 100% upfront investment.

There are however some exceptions, but those aren’t common.

When working with larger projects, I like to divide them into separate sub-projects.

This way you can pay only for a certain part of the project upfront, not for the whole giant project.

At the moment I’m located in Rzeszów, Poland (GMT+1 Timezone).

However, most of my clients are from the US, Europe, and other countries.

A WordPress consultant is a person who has high levels of expertise and experience working with WordPress and can help you update or customize your WordPress website as well as fix issues you’re facing.

As a WordPress consultant, I help people plan and bring their ideas to life using WordPress. Besides that, a part of my job is to install and configure plugins, themes and provide custom WordPress development services.

Hire Me As Your WordPress Consultant

Tell Me About Your Project, Your Goals, Budget And Deadlines

Or send me an email to andriy[at]andriy.space

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