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Technologies and Plugins Involved

Overview of the Situation is a membership website for Brazilian jiu-jitsu professionals.

It provides instructional videos, articles and training programs.

Being BJJ practitioners themselves, Erik and Hayle (the owners) wanted to share their expertise and passion with others.

They started building a website using Elementor & Memberpress, but they were not comfortable finishing it themselves.

That’s why they were looking for a WordPress developer to help them finish and launch the website.

Project Goals

The main goals of the project were:

My Contribution

My main contribution was the following:

  1. Implement the designs sent to me from a graphic designer for the front (non-membership) part of the site.
  2. Configure Memberpress and memberships to accept recurring payments via Stripe and PayPal.
  3. Build the dashboard side of the website that would provide educational materials to the students.
  4. Advise on various things during the process like picking the best video hosting service &. provide training on how to use the website after it is finished.

Here are some snapshots from the website:

  1. Home page:

  2. Subscribe page:

  3. Register page:

  4. Membership Area – interactive body map:

  5. Membership area – interactive body map playlists:

  6. Membership area – body part playlist:

"Andriy has done everything we asked, he's been very responsive and worked hard to accomplish our goals."
Hayle Korem
Owner of

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